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Thursday, 8 May 2014

G1 Kup 1986

Kup is a Autobot war veteran. I imagine he has been alive for quite a long time probably quite a few million years. He has fought in quite a few wars not just the War for Cybertron. He is probably physically one of the oldest Autobots in the fact that he hasn't really re formatted that many times because he is stubborn that way.
Be cause he has fought so many wars and campaigns he has pretty much seen it all. He always tells the other Autobots old war stories but this can get on the other Autobots nerves because every where they go and every thing they see it reminds Kup of somewhere he has been in one of the wars.
Which is epitomised quite nicely by Hotrod in the G1 movie where he says to Kup "Everywhere reminds you of some place else"
Not all the Autobots are tired of Kups war stories though because the Dinobots love them. They always want to hear them.

Kup first comes into the series in the G1 movie. Where him and a few other Autobots are setting up a road block on the road to lookout mountain just outside Autobot city. When the Decepticons attack its Kup who saves Hotrod and Daniel from being blasted by Blitzwing.
Kup disapproves of Hotrod as he is hotheaded with a fast and furious attitude.
After a bit of a fight on the mountain Hotrod and Kup decided they should go to Autobot city which was also under attack and needs help. They narrowly avoid being locked out of Autobot city which was at this point being trasformed into its defence mode.
They manage to get in through a door which the Insecticons ate their way through. Running over the Insecticons as they enter the city. They help in the defence of the city and fought in the battle that followed.
When Optimus Prime is mortally wounded fighting Megatron Kup is one of the Autobots who is with Optimus when he dies.
When Galvatron and his Minions arrive to kill Ultra Magnus Kup, Hotrod and the Dinobots share one half of the ship when they escape. When the ship separates to trick Galvatron into thinking he had destroyed the ship they crash on the planet Quintessa.
Kup and Hotrod fall out the ship before it crashes and land in the sea where Kup is attacked by this giant robot squid and gets his leg ripped off. He is saved by Hotrod.
After this Kup gains a mutual respect for Hotrod.After Hotrod repairs Kup they go off to find the Dinobots. but before they can they are found by a team of Sharkticons. At first Kup tries to befriend them with the universal greeting bar wheep grana wheep ninibarn. He also gives them pieces of Energon to eat but unfortunately he runs out and the Sharkticons attack them and take them to their masters the Quintissons to be put on trial.

Kup and Hotrod are inevitably found guilty and dumped in the Sharkticon pit where Kup and Hotrod get into a massive fight with the Sharkticons. Just as they are about to be overwhelmed the Dinobots and Wheelie arrive to rescue them. They steel a Quintisson ship and take it to the planet of Junk to meet the other Autobots. Don't ask me how they knew their fellow Autobots were on the planet of Junk!

When they arrive they help to make friends with the Junkions who are on the point of killing the Autobots and they leave the planet of Junk and head off to Cybertron which is at this point under attack from Unicron. Unicron is the only thing which Kup had never encountered before.
Kup and the others crashed the ship through one of Unicrons eyes and then fall out the ship where Kup and the others fight off Unicrons Antibody system. Right up until Hot rod now Rodimus Prime destroys Unicron from the inside with the matrix of Leadership. They all escape before Unicron blows up.

Throughout series three Kup was the head of security on Cybertron. In "Five faces of darkness" Kup along with Ultra Magnus and Spike are abducted by the Quintissons who take them back to Quintessa to be interrogated and put on trial. For a second time for Kup.
Kup has quite a prominent role in series three stories. Right up till the "Return of Optimus Prime" where Kup is badly damaged and deactivated while battling the hate plague infected Superion. but he is repaired and reactivated by a Quintisson to help Optimus Prime in finding the cure for the hate plague.
"In the rebith" Kup is one of the Autobots that crash on Nebulous Where he is captured by the Decepticons and is tortured by Scourge. Who wants to know the location of the plasma energy chamber key. Him and the others are recued by the other Autobots now in their Headmaster forms. Kup  later becomes one of the Autobot Targetmasters. His partner is Recoil.

Kup did get one spotlight episode "Choas" when the Decepticons get their hands on this experimental weapon that fires chaos crystals. The Decepticons  want to find more of these crystals as more ammo for the weapon.
The crystals come from a planet called Dread. which is a jungle planet inhabited by this monster called Chaos who looks kind of like Godzilla made from these chaos crystals. Chaos has imprisoned quite a few Cybertonions on the planet and Kup had met Chaos before but had managed to escape. It had always haunted Kup that he didn't free the others.
The Decepticons and Autobots went to dread and got into a pretty big battle there. Kup managed to overcome his fear and confront Chaos and free the prisoners.

Function, Warrior
Motto, " The past is the greatest teacher"
Bio, Kup is an old veteran warhorse with a thousand tall tails from his ten thousand adventures. he has a motto or word of advice for any situation and he's brave and loyal as they come. In robot mode he carries an old style musket laser that shoots short bursts of metal corrosive hydrochloric acid. Range 5 miles, Speed 100 mph. Kup sees himself as a seasoned campaigner with more knowledge and experience to share. Other Autobots aren't always receptive to his advice"
Stats, Strength 9, Intelligence 7, Speed 6, Endurance 9, Rank 8, Courage 9, Firepower 6, Skill 8
Vehicle mode front
Vehicle mode side
Robot mode
 His vehicle mode is pretty sleek. There is not a huge amount of detail but I think this helps with his futuristic astetic.
His front tyres are rubber and the front of the truck which will become his chest in robot mode is die cast.
There really isn't much kibble on him at all. He is pretty clean. The only bit is his arms which fold underneath the front of the truck.
The only real problem with this mode is that the truck bed does not peg into anything.
As a truck bed it is pretty small and I don't think you would be able to get much of a load on there.
His transformation is quite simple but its really quite satisfying in some ways.
His robot mode is pretty solid.
Once again the truck bed does not peg into anything and hangs off his back.
His arms are too low down and pretty scrawny due to the way he transforms.
Other than that he does look quite good.
The die cast on his chest does give him a nice weight.
He has a very nice head sculpt and looks like the Kup from the cartoon
If you turn him sideways you will notice that his head just stopped like he got guillotined or something.
Having a round head would not interfere with his transformation at all so it just looks weird.
Articulation wise. His arms ratchet up and down and move in and out at the shoulder. Also move in and out at the elbow. He even has a wrist swivel
His head nods up and down
There is no articulation in his legs apart from his feet which pivot a bit due to his transformation. But make sure his feet don't pivot too far forward or he has a habit of falling over.
The colour scheme is pretty vibrant with the teal and darker teal and grey. This is combined with yellow sticker details. It really does pop on the figure.
Overall Kup is a pretty decent figure and worth getting if you can.


Thursday, 1 May 2014


Punch /CounterPunch was one of the more unique toys from G1. He was one of if not the first faction swapping transformer. But a bit more ambitious in the fact that he had two separate robot modes. One Autobot ( Punch) and One Decepticon ( Counterpunch) Punch is quite an interesting character in the fact that he is a spy for the Autobots. He can completely change his robot mode colour scheme and even his personality to some extent. For the ultimate disguise.For all intense and purposes he becomes a Decepticon giving him the altimate disguise. It does have its flaws though as he sometimes has trouble controlling his Decepticon aspect Counterpunch. Everytime he transforms into his disguise mode the stronger and more dominant Counterpunch becomes to the point that even when in Autobot mode he has to fight the urge to be a Decepticon. He has a Cybertronian  personality disorder. So eventually it may become the case that Counterpunch will dominant and Punch will be his disguise. This does frighten Punch because it  is a constant internal battle like Ying and Yang.

However, you don't really see any of this in the cartoon. He appeared in "The Rebirth part one" where he was trying to stop Pounce and Wingspan from steeling the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber. He failed when he got pounced upon by Pounce. Later on you saw him on Cybertron just helping Fastlane and Cloudraker to search the planet for the Matrix of Leadership on Optimus Primes orders. That is all he does really in the Sunbro cartoon
He does a little bit more in Takara headmasters cartoon. He is more in it in the end where he is the Autobots spy in the Decepticon ranks.

FUNCTION, Double Agent
MOTTO, " In my business, there are no friends,only suspects"
BIO, Punch the Autobot transforms into Counterpunch the Decepticon to infiltrate enemy installations. Cool headed, a robot of few words reveals little of his true self to either side. Maximum car mode speed 160mph. Uses twin mortar launcher in Autobot mode, Photon Cannon in Decepticon mode
STATS, Strength 6, Intelligence 9, Speed 4, Endurance 6, Rank 7, Courage 10, Firepower 6, Skill 9
Car mode front

                                                        Punch Robot mode

                                               Counterpunch Robot Mode

His car mode is great. Super clean apart from the hinges just behind the front wheels. Other than that on first glance it would be hard to tell he was a Transformer unless you knew what you were looking for. There is actually some very nice detailing on this car mode. Shame there is not a enough paint apps to bring those details out. In fact the only paint app on this car mode are the grey on the windscreen and windows. But the paint does not continue to where the window goes past the door.
The fact the  blue on the rear of the car is  a completely different blue to the rest of the vehicle which is a little distracting.
Apart from these minor problems its still a nice car mode and would look good in a display.

His transformation is quite simple. The hardest part is folding out his arms which are extremely tight at least they areon my figure.
Punch's robot mode is pretty solid. I don't really care for the big chunks of car hanging off the sides of his body and it makes his arms look a little scrawny. The fact that he has no pelvis or feet what so ever. His legs are also pretty hollow. Ignoring those flaws he is a good looking robot mode. I especially like the head sculpt which I think looks a bit like Optimus Prime.
There is some decent detailing on his chest as well as his Autobot rub sign.
His only articulation is he can move his arms up and down and his hands from side to side. 

His Counterpunch robot mode I think has a nicer aesthetic. He still has no pelvis but his legs are no longer hollow and he has feet. I like his weapon better as well. The long black Photon Cannon looks better than the yellow twin Mortar launcher that Punch has.
I also think I like the colour scheme better on Counterpunch. The dark blue makes him look more evil and Decepiconish rather than bright yellow which works for an Autobot
His head sculpt is still nice and has a rather Voldermort/Quirrel thing going on with a face on either side of his head. His face is not quite as detailed as Punches and his visor is wide. His mouth is moulded on a open position kind of like he is screaming in horror at something.
It is not all good though his arms are even scrawy than Punches and his shoulders are too far back. But I can forgive these flaws as he is such a great looking figure.

Punch/ Counterpunch is a pretty rare figure to find and I got lucky with mine. We paid about £40 on Ebay. If someone is aware of its rarity then alot more can be paid.
I definitely think it is a good figure and worth getting. Yes, It does have its flaws in both robot modes but needs them to function.

Get it if you can


Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Scrapper is the leader of the Constructicons. He is kind of an unofficial leader seems as he was never actually confirmed as the leader. We only presume he is the leader of the Constructicons as he is the one who organises things and orders them around. Scrapper was not originally going to be called Scrapper but Gravedigger but they decided against this. Gravedigger became the name of one of the two lost Constructicons, the other one being Hauler
It is mostly Scrapper who decides when they combine into Devastator.
Scrapper, character wise is a genius. He is very good at what he does. He is a Construction Engineer and an Architect. He is very modest about being a genius and not conceited unlike Hook.
Just because he is modest does not mean he is a nice guy though. He is pretty evil in his methods of torture and executions. As it says in his Bio, Scrapper has been said to take dead or dying Autobots and use them as building material. 
They did depict this in the cartoon a  bit such as in the episode "Triple takeover" when Scrapper and the other constructocons are convinced by Blitzwing to work for him. With the promise that they would get equal leadership of the Decepticons. They built a highway maze as a defence for Blitzwings base aka the football stadium.
You can't help noticing a little bit of a mistake here in that they built the highway maze which is a massive structure in a pretty short amount of time. They are good but not that good but it is a children's cartoon so just go with it.
The Autobots including Prowl and Skids and a few others as well got run over and crushed by Blitzwing and then the Constructocons gathered up their wreckage and had it built into a throne for Blitzwing but because he did not deliver on his side of the bargain the Constructicons where prepared to hunt down and kill Blitzwing and just take the leadership for themselves. Scrapper sat on the throne himself.
Scrapper does have a very torturous streak and you don't want to be captured by the Constructocons. they are going to do something pretty unpleasant to you.
In another episode "The Master builder" The Constructocons offer to help Grapple and Hoist with the construction of a solar needle. Convincing them that they were totally outside Megatrons orders and that Scrapper had always admired Grapples architecture. Scrapper came up with the idea that they would earn Grapple and Hoists trust by helping them build this solar needle but then they would use it to create a massive amount of Energon cubes for the Decepticons use.
Megatron knew nothing of this at first but after he confronted them about it. Scrapper explained that  cooperating  with the Autobots was all part of his plan  to seize control of the solar needle.
as soon as the solar needle was complete the Constructocons turned on Grapple and Hoist and Scrapper had them built into the foundations. They were still alive and rescued later by the Autobots.
There was a massive battle over the solar needle between the Autobots and the Decepticons but eventually the solar needle was destroyed and the Decepticons retreated because there was nothing left to fight for. The Autobots searched though the rubble and found Grapple and Hoist. This was all outside of Optimus Primes orders because Grapple had gone to him for permission to build the solar needle but Optimus would not give it as there was no way to defend it against the Decepticons. But of course Grapple did not listen. They were not punished but Optimus made them clean up all the rubble from the tower
Scrapper did get a bit more screen time than the other constructicons because he is the leader but of course just like all the other combiner teams it is difficult to talk about just one of the characters without talking about them all.
The Constructicons appeared in many different episodes in fact their first appearance was in " Heavy metal war" where Scrapper  designed and built a machine which would transfer all of the Decepticons powers into Megatron for his one on one duel with Optimus Prime. While Megatron was fighting Optimus the Constructicons on Megatrons orders were burrowing beneath the Arc to break into the base and destroy Teletran 1. They were foiled by the Dinobots who were activated by Teletran 1 in order to defend itself. There was a truly awesome battle between Devastator and the Dinobots.
There where some episodes which were mostly the Constructicons building stuff like in the "Autobots run" the Constructicons built a transformation jammer which would trap the Autobots in their vehicle mode. They also built a giant car crusher to crush the Autobots
In " City of Steel" the Constructicons designed and built Megatrons fortress for the Decepticons conquest of New York city. As well as building a giant fortress they also converted a bunch of taxi cabs into drones. When Optimus prime was captured in this episode and was completely butchered by the Constructicons Scavenger, Scrapper had some of Optimus's parts built into a robot Alligator which he sent to attack the Autobots
In the G1 movie the Constructicons were among the Decepticons that attacked the Autobot shuttle which was on a supply run to Autobot city on Earth. Scrapper did not do an awful lot in this scene but shot at things  unlike Scavenger who killed an Autobot.
The Constructocons  fought in the battle of Autobot city. Mainly as Devastator. After the battle they are on Astrotrain on the was back to Cybertron. This is after they have thrown out megatron and the other wounded Decepticons. They all argue about who is going to be the next leader. It does seem that the Constructicons do desire being the next leader of the Deceptiocns obviously you see this in Triple Takeover" and again in the G1 Movie. Scrapper would be the supreme leader.
They get into one big punch up aboard Astrotrain but it does seem that Starscream manages to restore order and manages to get them to pick him as new leader.
On Cybertron in Starscreams coronation Scrapper and the other constructicons are for some odd reason blowing trumpets until Starscream blasts all the trumpets to bits with his null ray. Scrapper does look on as Galvatron  incinerates Starsream and then becomes leader.
You do not really see Scrapper and the other Constructicons in series three. You see them  "In five faces of darkness" on Char all beaten up and starved of Energon and apart from that they have little bit parts and become background characters.
"Carnage in C minor" which is pretty much the last hora for the Constructicons and Devastator as you don't really see them much after that.
Now I have got to touch on the one confusion with the constructicons on where they actually came from. because in "Heavy metal war" megatron says they built the Constructicons in their temporary base in some caves but then in " The secret of Omega Supreme" they completely discount that and say that the Constructicons existed on Cybertron where they were actually good not bad. megatron captured them and reprogrammed them using the Robo Smasher and also gave them the ability to combine into Devastator. The conversion is permanent and they are now evil.
In both situations Megatron creates the Constructicons but in  "Five faces of darkness" you see the flashback to the early days of the war for Cybertron in the Matrix and Megatron appears to have been created by the Constructicons. If you count the number of Constructicons in that scene they are actually eight of them not six. This is where the whole idea of there being two lost Constructicons  one being Hauler the other being Gravedigger comes from.
The one theory I have on how the Constructicons could create megatron and how then megatron could create the Constructicons. For a start completely discount them building them in the caves and pretend that never happened.
My guess is the Constructicons were never Autobots. They were a neutral team of robots who where a construction team for hire and even though they were neutral they were still so so on whose side they were on. They did create Megatron the most evil Decepticon of all. This was obviously a couple of million years down the line Megatron and then captures the Constructicons his own creators and reprogrammes them. his purpose in this was to stop the Constructicons from doing any more work for the Autobots because at the time they had been hired by the Autobots to perform maintenance on Cystal city which they had built. The were also friends with Omega Supreme.
Megatron wanted to stop any more repair work and also test the new combiner technology so they were perfect . he tested this by getting the Constucticons to destroy Cystal city.

Bio A wizard at designing fortresses and energy plants, but modest. shows his true malevolent genius by incorporating defeated Autobots into his buildings structures. shovel can slice through12 inch  thick carbon steel, lift 30 tones . As right leg and part of torso, combines with fellow constructicons to form giant robot Devastator
Motto- "My work is a monument to- and of-my enemies"
Function- Construction Engineer and Constructicon leader
Stats Strength 8, Intelligence 8, Speed 4, Endurance 7, Rank 5, Courage 5, Firepower 3, Skill 9
Vehicle mode front
Vehicle mode side
Flight mode
Limb mode
Robot mode
Showing light piping
In vehicle mode Structor or scrapper what ever you want to call the toy is just a big green brick of a Payloader also known as a front end loader or digger etc. He is pretty solid and it would be pretty hard to tell that this was a transformer if it wasn't for the pretty obvious robot arms visible on the sides. He has some pretty nice detailing and paint apps. Even though the grill deco on the rear is interrupted with the combiner port. There is quite a few ways you can customise the look of the vehicle. You can attach his cannons to various ports or some wings to make a flight mode. 
Like all other Hercules figures he comes with one purple weapon and one translucent red duplicate.
Scrappers weapons are some little round pistols which could do with being a bit more dynamic as their design is quite simplistic but they get the job done.
Even the cab is removable and there are other places you can peg it in. But I am not sure why you would want to peg it on the side but it is good to have options.
Overall a good solid vehicle mode. Rolls really well and the one feature he does have in this mode is the front scoop lifts up and down and has a hydraulic piston gimmick even though when lifted up it does reveal his robot head on the front.
His transformation is not too hard. in fact the hardest part is getting his right heel spur out.
His robot mode is very solid and is very nice. I love his aestetic. It is obviously blocky like G1 but it is  updated with a modern look
His head sculpt is really nicely moulded and does say Scrapper to me but I kind of wish he has a visor rather than eyes as he had a visor in the cartoon. He  has superb light piping.
He has good articulation and you can get plenty of action poses out of him.
His back pack does make him a little back heavy but you can adjust his heel spurs to help with this.
The fact that he has his scoop hanging off his back has always seemed a little awkward to me on Scrappers design but at least it does not stick out as much as it did on the G1 figure. I wish it locked in place as it has a habit of flipping round and knocking his robot head back into his torso. that and the lower kibble on his back pack does look a bit a bit distracting
Weapons, well there are various places you can put them. He can have duel wielding pistols. You can arm mount them and combine them into one double barrelled gun or you can even mount them on his hips if you want to. My favourite way to display him is mount them on his shoulders as shoulder cannons which also stops the scoop from knocking his head down.If you don't want them positioned in any kind of shooting position you can mount them on his lower legs to store them. A little low for a holster effect but they do work as jet thrusters which is when the wings come back into it.
You can attach the wings to his arms in various ways to maybe give him a flying robot mode to give his robot mode a more dynamic look. You can even combine the wings with his guns. The wings look like they can be guns of some kind as well.
A couple of minor annoyances I have with this figure is his head does not lock in place as it has a habit of slipping back into his torso if I nudge it. That and I feel that his head is a tiny bit sunken anyway. That and the torso pivot that he has. I don't think is meant to be articulation in his robot mode. I think it is just a ankle tilt for his limb mode. In his robot mode it makes him look lop sided and has been in  some kind of horrible accident.
Overall is a very nice figure . Well worth getting if you are a Constructicon fan. He does have a couple of minor problems but they are more like minor nit picks. Great figure and I definitely think you should get him if you get the chance and can afford him.


Monday, 9 September 2013

G1 GEARS 1984

Gears is one of the more obscure characters in G1. He is also one of these characters which has kind of been forgotten. He has only had two official toys at  this time.
Gears in the cartoon is the Victor Meldrew of Transformers. He is really grumpy and grauchy and basically a miserable old git. He does not do an awful lot. He goes around and makes the odd comment about Bumble Bee being late again to a  meeting. He moans about everyone and he is also anti-social which they depict well in the cartoon such as one time when all the Autobots are playing in the snow and Gears is sitting  inside with Optimus. .He does not have any specific ability other than he has headlights which have an infared settings.
He does not have much patience with the young Autobots but like most minibots he does get his own spotlight episode which was called "Changing Gears" Gears gets captured by the Decepticons and it is not really known why as he did not have anything they wanted. Their plan was to build this giant tower to drain the power from the sun and convert the solar energy into Energon but this process would enevitably cause the sun to go Supa Nova and take out the whole Solar stystem.
It turns out Gears is not actually the grumpy old fart that we thought he was as he has a key card in his circuitry which makes him grauchy because otherwise he is such a nice guy and would do anything for anyone so to change his personality the Autobots put in this card at some point.. he would be a securuty risk otherwise as he would tell anyone anything or do anything for anyone.
The Decepticons ripped out this key card and he changed into a nice guy and was then a slave to the Decepticons.
You have to see the plot holes here. The Decepticons built this giant tower which they were going to get this mountain of energon from and they obviously did not want the Autobots knowing about this so why did they go and capture one of the Autobots and bring them to the tower  that before the Autobots were completley cluless about. Surely it would have make more sense to take the Autobot prisoner to the other side of the planet away from the tower so the Autobots would no nothing about the tower until it was too late. they used Gears for a goffor. It is not like they needed a hostage to stop the Autobots from attacking or anything they already had a perfectly good forcefield for that. It is not even clear how they knew about his key card. It was not a random capture but they set out specifically to capture gears and set a trap to capture him. It does not make any sense. In the end Gears does help the Autobots as they tell him too. The solar tower was distroyed and the Autobots considered whether or not to leave the key card out of Gears but they decided to put it back in him.
that was the end of "Changing Gears" and all its plot holes
You don't really see Gears after this episode

I am not sure if you see Gears in the G1 movie but I think he is killed like so many other Autobots.

In the comics I don't think that he did that much either but right at the beginning of the Marvall comic he was a sidekick for Spiderman. Just a little cross over thing they did once  and hopfully they will not do it again. As I don't read the comics that is the most signifiant thing he did

G1 is really the only time you run into Gears. The only other one is Revenge of the Fallen and he was only in one issue of the comics. he just stood there and did not do anything.he was a repaint of Movie Stockade and he was not painted in the right colours and did't even look like Gears.

FUNCTION; transport/reconnaissance
MOTTO; Nobody wins a war-somebody loses
BIO; gears is anti-social, a self proclaimed misfit. Finds fault in everything and everyone. Acts this was to help cheer others up as they try to cheer him up. tremendous strength and endurance. Totes heavy loads long distances. Launches to height of 20 miles, floats down on compressed air. Becomes an easy target due to limited maneuverability. Can detect infared.
SATS; Strength 8, Intelligence7, Speed 6, Endurance 8, Rank 6, Courage 9, Firepower 1, Skill 7
Car mode side
Car mode front
Robot mode
Gears has to be my favourite G1 minibot. He is not fiddly like Brawn or clunky like Huffer and not weirdly proportioned like Bumblebee and Cliffjumper
He is a dinky little vehicle. He is solid and looks good. I wish the back of the vehicle would stay together a little better especially the left half. It moves up and down a bit too easily.
Other than that I don't have any real problems with him.
 with his very nice blue and red colour scheme.
He has chrome on his legs and front grill which uis a nice touch
He has really big studded tyres meaning you can roll him on some pretty hard surfaces such as carpet
He is a generic off road truck
He has some nice detailing and a very simple
transformation. All you have to do is fold down his legs and pull out his arms and there you have him.
I can't help liking his robot mode. He is very solid and his colour scheme is still very nice in robot mode.
He does not  have much articulation as any G1 wouldn't and
he bends at the knee in a weird bend as the rest of his leg is static.
His only other points of articulation are his arms and they can move up and down meaning the only pose you can get him into is a Frankenstein impression.
I quite like his face but it is a visor and mouthplate. In the cartoon he has actual facial features but I still like it none the less.
Overall I think gears is a fun and dinky little toy and if you are a G1 fan  I think you should get yourself a Gears. There are not many Gears toys out there and you can't go wrong getting the original. I don't think you will regret it.
I think five pounds is good to pay for him. Do not go overboard unless you really like the character.
He was only repainted once into Swerve. They did him a maroon colour
He was a completly different character who did even less in the cartoon.


Thursday, 16 May 2013


It was my Birthday recently and I was lucky enough to receive several Transformer Figures to add to my collection. This is the first of these.

Cybertron Optimus Prime is a figure seen by many to be one of the best Optimus Primes released. He is known as Galaxy Convoy in the Galaxy force line. Obviously this is the Hasbro version
Optimus Prime character wise is pretty much the same as in every series being the leader of the Autobots and being the courageous battle hardened warrior and so forth.

Optimus prime fights Megatron and other Decepticons dozens of times seeming it is a fifty episode series.

When the destruction of Unicron results in the formation of a massive black hole, Cybertron is threatened, and its population is evacuated to Earth, taking the forms of local vehicles and machinery to hide from humanity. As this occurs, Optimus Prime's elite team of Autobot warriors are approached by the ancient Transformer Vector Prime, who has emerged from his resting place outside of time to inform them of the legendary Cyber Planet Keys, ancient artifacts of power which can stop the black hole and save the universe. Lost due to an accident during an attempt to create a cross-universal space bridge network, the Cyber Planet Keys now reside on four worlds somewhere in the universe—unfortunately, Vector Prime's map showing their location is stolen by Decepticon leader Megatron, and both forces relocate to Earth as the race to find them begins.
On Earth, the Autobots befriend three human children named Coby, Bud and Lori, who aid them in locating the Omega Lock, the control device for the Cyber Planet Keys' power. With new "Cyber Key Powers" awakened in them, the Transformers battle on many fronts, searching for the Lock on Earth while Hot Shot and Red Alert head for Velocitron, the "Speed Planet", resting place of the first key. As Hot Shot competes in the planet's grand racing championship to win the key from planet leader Override, the Lock is located on Earth in the bulk of the crashed Transformer spaceship the Atlantis. Soon after, Autobot Overhaul heads for the next world, Jungle Planet, where the power of its Cyber Planet Key re formats him into Leobreaker. Megatron ingratiates himself with Jungle Planet ruler Scourge, while at the same time, his scheming lieutenant Starscream teams up with the mysterious Sideways, working towards his own goals.
Ultimately, the Autobots succeed in acquiring the Keys of both Velocitron and Jungle Planet, at which point the existence of Earth's own Cyber Planet Key is revealed. Starscream makes his power play and overthrows Megatron, stealing the Omega Lock and all three keys from the Autobots and using them to grow in size and power. Their forces bolstered by the ancient Autobots from Earth and the arrival of Wing Saber, who combines with Optimus Prime, the Autobots fight their way through a vengeful Megatron and defeat Starscream - but the battle is not without casualties, as Hot Shot, Red Alert and Scattorshot are gravely wounded and rebuilt into the even more powerful Cybertron Defense Team.
Returning to Cybertron, the Autobots use the Omega Lock and Cyber Planet Keys, which awaken the spirit of their deity and creator, Primus and transform Cybertron itself into the god's body. After a battle in which Starscream taps the power of Primus and grows to planetary size—only to be defeated by Primus himself—the location of the fourth and final key is determined as Gigantion, the Giant Planet. Bested by Gigantion's leader Metroplex, Megatron taps into the power of Gigantion's Cyber Planet Key to become Galvatron. Sideways, now joined by the equally mysterious Soundwave, reveals himself to be an inhabitant of Planet X, a world destroyed by the Gigantions, upon whom he and Soundwave seek revenge. Galvatron blasts them and Starscream into another dimension and finally acquires the Lock and Keys for himself, intending to use their power to accelerate the universal degeneration caused by the black hole and remake the cosmos in his own image. Vector Prime sacrifices his life to get the Autobots back to Cybertron, and the five planet leaders confront Galvatron within the black hole and defeat him. With all the Cyber Planet Keys now in his possession, Primus uses their power to finally seal the black hole, ending its threat.
As the planet's various civilisations attempt to return to life as normal, Galvatron attacks the Autobots for one final time. Without any troops to call his own, Galvatron engages Optimus Prime in a one-on-one duel, and is finally destroyed for good. With this final victory, Optimus Prime begins a new space bridge initiative, and the Transformers set sail for the four corners of the universe, and new adventures.

BIO; Optimus Prime is a leader in the best sense of the word, taking part in every mission and never sending his team into any situation he would not go himself. Dedicated to the protection of all life and the preservation of freedom fro all sentient beings. He serves as a role model for his fellow Autobtos. It is through his keen intelligence, even hand, steady nerves and endless compassion that the Auotbots continue to frustrate the Deceptiocns evil plans again and again

TECHSPEC; Strength 10, Intelligence 10, Speed 9.5, Endurance 10, Rank 10, Courage 10, Fireblast 10, Skill 10

Fire engine front view
Fire engine side view
Cyber key mode
Vehicle flight mode
Truck cab front
Truck cab side
Robot mode
Open matrix compartment
Holding matrix of leadership
Cyber key super mode
Super mode
Base mode
Once again Optimus Prime is a fire engine. Slightly reminiscent of RID but with more of a Cybertronian vibe.
He has giant water cannons which both have a Cyber key gimmick in. The one on the left deploys two extra missile launchers. The one on the right splits open the cannon barrel to some sort of charged up cannon blast or something. It is hard to operate this gimmick as you have to ram the key in there.
He has lights and sounds in  the right hand cannon.
When the cannon is closed and you press the button he makes a laser shooting noise and the end of the cannon lights up red
Then when you deploy the gimmick he makes a power up noise.
When the button is pressed again when the barrel is open it makes another weapon firing noise. maybe some sort of heavy duty cannon noise.
He shoots three missiles from the left hand cannon.
and he rolls OK but sadly not all the wheels touch the ground and the wing pieces sit along the side and do not peg in anywhere.
He does have side windows made up from his chest panels but I forgot to flip these out for the photos.
I prefer the chest panels in even if these cover the ports you plug these into. I think they look out of place.
His robot head is clearly visible from the top of the cab and so are his robot hands on the front bumper but his hands could pass for a secondary grill or something.
He has also got two other cannons that flip out if you want them.
Overall it is a nice mode with details. It is a shame that he does not hold together just that little bit better.
There is a flight mode which you can do in truck mode where you fold the entire trailer out to form wings. It is OK and pretty large and he does use it quite a bit in the cartoon. It has some issues staying together and the wings drop with the weight of the cannons.
You can take the trailer off and leave him with just a truck cab mode which is reminiscent of his G1 sami truck self.
The truck cab is good but the truck bed is way too long to be realistic so it does look a little silly. His feet stick out like sore thumbs and help clip the truck to the trailer.
The front of the cab has a tough look and looks like a Prime. He and looks like he is ready for battle.
He does have spring suspension in the back wheels but I don't know why the others don't.
His robot mode is where this figure really starts to shine. He looks very buff and powerful. It really works for him.
I do see a couple of omages to Star convoy from G1 mostly in the face. He has the same silver panel on his forehead.
He does have a mouth plate gimmick. You can mess around and do what you like. The mouth plate up in robot mode makes him look more like Star Convoy.
He has pretty good articulation and you can get him into some pretty good poses.
You can pull the end of the cannon off the trailer and it becomes his rifle in robot mode.
You can also open up his chest and he has the matrix of leadership and it can be removed and he can hold it but somewhat awkwardly.
It is an grey matrix with the cetre painted orange but only on one side which is a little cheap
Just like Master Piece Rodimus he has a weird circle thing molded behind his matrix. Not sure whether or not if this is his spark or something.
As for his trailer in this mode. You can form a base mode but that is just  literally folding the wings out and making sure the guns are deployed and that it is. It is really not that much at all. I think you can make a fan mode which is better
I think it looks more like a mobile artillery platform than a base
His transformation is easy but interesting enough not to be dull
He has a head reveal where a lever on his back slides his head out of his chest
His transformation to super mode is just like the cartoon.
you dis attach part of the trailer to form super leg extensions. This helps stabilise him in super mode.
The rest of the trailer  just forms a giant wing jet pack which attached to his back by a harness.
The water cannons become giant cannons for the super mode.
You flip out some super antennae extensions and flip up his mouth plate to complete his super mode
This is one of the only Optimus Prime super modes which is really good.
He looks very powerful and looks ready for battle with his giant cannons.
He does have leg cannons which can fold down as secondary thrusters
You can access all the cyber key gimmicks and electronics.
This mode is amazing and it is almost worth buying this figure just for this mode. Who would not want a giant Optimus Prime with giant wings and cannon's. He dominates any shelf you put him on.
You can also combine him with Leo breaker/Lidajack to form Savage claw mode which is the same as super mode but with giant  claw arm.
He also combines with Wing saver/sonic bomber to form sonic wing mode which is a completely different flight mode.
I can't recommend this figure enough. if you are a fan of the Cybertron/Galaxy force series then this figure is a must have.  If you love oversized Optimus Primes then he is a must have.
Get it if you can. He might cost quite a bit though
 If you can't get hold of this version then there is also Galaxy convoy from the Tekara Galaxy force line. He also got an exclusive re issue in the Universe 2.0 line which was a two pack in with a re issue of Crumplezone,
He was re painted only once later on in the Cybertron line when they painted him a darker shade of red and I think the blue was replaced by black to make him more menacing.


Monday, 22 April 2013


This is the Hasbro version of MP Rodimus Prime not the Tekara version. The differences between them are that the colours are different and the Tekara version comes with a trailer where as the Hasbro version comes with more accessories.

Back Story

Hot Rod was first introduced in the G1 Movie. He was young, flashy and cocky. Hot Rod first raised the alarm on the attack on Autobot city. This gave them about two minutes warning that the Decepticons were coming but it was still a slaughter on the Autobots part.
Hot Rod was best friends with Daniel Witwicky. Blitzwing and the Insecticons are sent to kill Hot Rod and Daniel. They ended up being saved by Kup. The Decepticons moved on to attack Autobot city and that led on to the battle of Autobot city. Hot Rod and Kup raced back to Autobot city to try and help but they nearly got locked out as Springer and Arcee were ordered by Ultra Magnus to transform Autobot city into defence mode.
The Decepticons sent the Insecticons to eat the door so they could flood in but Kup and Hot Rod ran over the insecticons Shrapnel and Kickback and jumped over  and through the door stopped them from entering it.
Hot rod was fighting in the battle but you did not see much of it. There were too many Autobots being blown up so they cut the scene down as they did not want it to be too long.
Optimus Prime arrived with reinforcements including the Dinobots. They fought the Decepticons off and Optimus fought Megatron in the final fight. Optimus would have won if it were not for Hot Rod as Megatron found a laser pistol lying on the ground. Optimus did not see this but Hot Rod did and he rugby tackled Megatron and Optimus did not shot as they were in such a tangle but megatron got Hot rod in a head lock and shot Optimus four times. Optimus still managed to get up and punch megatron right off the roof of Autobot city. Optimus Prime then succumbed to his injuries. It was Hot Rods fault that Optimus died.
On his death bed he predicts that one day an Autobot will rise from the ranks and use the power of the Matrix to light our darkest hour. "Until that day when all are one"
Optimus  drops the Matrix and Hot Rod catches it and the Matrix chooses Hot Rod. he gives it to Ultra Magnus though as Optimus wanted him to be leader.
Later Gavatron arrived with his minions to kill Ultra Magnus Hot Rod is one that leaves earth with Ultra Magnus. When he catches up again with them in space they do the emergency separation from thier ship to escape. Hot Rod, Kup and the Dinobots ship crashes on Quintessa while the others crashed on the planet of Junk. Hot Rod and Kup fall out of their ship when it crashed. They landed in the water in Quintessa. Hot Rod is attacked by these robotic fish which he manages to kill with his saw blade. he  then helps out Kup who is being attacked by a giant robot squid. he defeats the squid when he shoots it in the eye with his arm cannon. he repairs Kup with his welding torch.
Hot Rod and Kup are found by the Sharkticons. They try to reason with them using the universal greeting " Baa weet grana weet ninibun" This does not work and they attack Hot rod and Kup and take them to their masters the Quintessons who put them on trial. They are dropped into the Sharkticons pit by the Quintessons who intend to execute them. They survive quite a while fighting the Sharkticons and are eventually rescued by Wheely and the Dinobots.
They steel away on the Quintesson ship and sail to the planet of junk to meet up with the other Autobtos. How they knew their comrades where on the planet of Junk I don't know? They made peace with the Junkions using the universal greeting and the Junkions help them to go home. They go back to Cybertron which is  at this point being attacked by Unicron. They crash through Unicrons eye and they all fall out when it crashes. Hot Rod falls separately and finds Galvatron who earlier got swallowed by Unicron. Galvatron has the Matrix of leadership and he wants to help the Autobbots fight Unicron but Unicron still has control over him. Unicron forces Galvatron to fight Hot Rod and that is what they do. Hot Rod manages to get hold of the Matrix and this turns him into Rodimus Prime. he then tosses Galvatron out of Unicron and opens the Matrix using its power to destroy Unicron. Rodimus Prime then becames leader of the Autobots.
I am not going to do Rodimus Primes G1 cartoon history as I have already done it with the G1 Rodimus Prime so please feel free to read that.
Hot Rod came in and out of series three as when he lost the matrix a few times he turned back into Hot Rod. In the "Dark awakening" when the Quinessons zombify Optimus prime. Rodimus gives the matrix back to Optimus because he did not know he was a zombie. The Quinessons turned him into a zombie so he  could lead the Autobots to their doom. Optimus eventually came to his senses and gave the matrix back to Hot Rod so he turned back to Rodimus Prime. Optimus flew the Autobot flag ship right into the Quinessons bombs which blew the ship up with him on it.
There are other times that this happened  when Rodimus gets the matrix stolen by the Decepticons in " The burden hardest to bare" because at this point Rodimus has had enough of  leading the Autobots and wants to quit. he has had enough of the war going on and not being appreciated by the humans as well as his usual self doubt. he refuses to help get the matrix back and goes off. he does came back and takes the matrix back off Scourge who the matrix turned into a Prime in his own right.
In the " Return of Optimus Prime" rodimus gets infected by the hate plague and Optimus has to take the matrix off him so he could go back to being a Prime and find a cure for the hate plague. Hot Rod gets cured by the matrix which turned out to be the cure. This does drain the matrix of all its power. Hot Rod goes back to his cavalier rank and Optimus prime is the leader again.
In  "The Rebirth" Hot rod is on Cybertron with the others Blur, Kup etc. The Insecticons arrive to open the plasma energy chamber. The Autobots managed to get the key but their ship gets hit by the plasma energy and gets knocked half was across the Galaxy where they crash on the planet Nebulos. The Autobtos join forces with  Nebulons rebels and become head masters and Target Masters. When the Decepticons arrive on Nebulos they attack the Autobots and Hot rod, Blur, Kup, Point Blank, Cross Hairs and Shore Shot get captured by them. They take them back to their ship and interrogate them to where the key to the energy chamber is. They get rescued by the Autobot Head Masters. The Decepticons joined forces with the Nebulon Hives and became head masters and Target masters. The Decepticons attacked and they got the key to the plasma energy chamber. During the battle Arcana who is the partner of Brain storm was able to scan Night Stick who was Cyclonus's partner so they were able to make their own target Masters. Blur, Hot Rod, Kup, Point Blank, Shore Shot and Cross Hairs all become the Autobot Target Masters. Hot rods partner is Firebolt.
That is it for the Sunbrow cartoon

Tekara Headmasters

In Tekara head masters they completely discount the Re Birth so they are continuing the story form the return of Optimus Prime. Hot Rod does what he does in the Sunbrow cartoon . When Optimus goes to Cybertron to find Vecta Sigma which is going to explode for some reason. he does not have the matrix with him as it is empty because they cured the hate plague with it.  Optimus hid the matrix on earth and Hot rod set out to find it to take it to Optimus to help him. he does not know where it is and he thought it might be where the energy is most pure on earth such as Antartica. He eventually found it on a base in the middle of the desert. He goes to Cybertron and  with the help of Fortress maximus find Optimus. there is one big fight between Optimus and Galvatron at Vecta Sigma. The ghost of Alphs Trion who is helping Optimus. Whe Hot Rod turns up Alpha Trion gives up his own life force to refill the matrix.and Hot Rod becomes Rodimus prime. Optimus sacrifices himself and absorbs all the energy form Vecta Sigma which kills him. Rodimus becomes the new leader.

In the comics I don't know much about him but I think he is the same character and I think he might have been a wrecker at some point. he becomes Rodimus prime at times as well.

Hot rod has not been in too many Transformer series mainly G1 but he has omages mostly in colour schemes such as RID Side Burns power up mode, Armada Hot Shot Power Linx mode and Cybertron Hot Shot.

FUNCTION; Cavalier

MOTTO; " My actions speak louder then words"

TECH SPEC;  Before the coming of Unicron Rodimus  was already a talented warrior, recognised by his comrades by his potential and his lack of patience. When he became Rodimus prime he immediately set out to lead from the front. he was always the first on the battlefield and the last off, thrusting himself onto the deepest danger rather than asking any of the robots under his command to sacrifice themselves

SATS; Strength 10, Intelligence 10, Speed 9, Endurance 10, Rank 10, Courage 7, Firepower 10, Skill 10

car mode front
Car mode side
car mode with photon rifle
car mode with off shoot/firebolt
Robot mode
Robot mode with off shoot/firebolt
Robot mode with visor, saw blade and welding torch
Rodimus Prime in robot mode
Rodimus prime matrix of leadership
Rodimus prime holding the Matrix
Showing the Matrix open
Off shoot/Firebolt robot mode
In car mode he is superb. He is very sleek, no kibble just exactly what a master piece should be.
He is quite big as well. Ultra class size at least
In this mode he has details such as the ability to lift up the canopy to reveal the interior details. The steering wheel, the seat are his robot mode feet so a bit weird. I would not like to sit on these seats as they look quite uncomfortable.
Unfortunately some of the Orange paint has chipped off and is covering the interior but it is not a huge problem.
He has a chrome exhaust pipe which is pretty nice as well.
he has rubber tyres and can roll along very well. Just make sure his head is turned around for car mode or it will drag along the floor and stop him from rolling properly.
This does not look like it is road legal though as the rear spoiler is like a blade. Too close to the kerb and he could decapitate someone. he also has spikes at the back so I would not like to tailgate this guy.
The tail spoiler is his signature feature but it is a little wobbly on mine. A minor nitpick.
His weapons can be plugged into his engine block like the original toy.
The way that it is engineered is that the top of the engine block folds back to reveal where you plug the guns in. this is so you do not end up with a big hole in the top. Either of his photon rifles or his target master Offshot or Firebolt as he should be called can be pegged on to the engine block.
You can lift the bonnet up to reveal the matrix of Leadership . he is powered by the Matrix rather than an engine.
He has flames on the bonnet and a Autobot Insignia. He does come with a sticker sheet as an extra including an Decepticon insignia which I stuck  on my G1 brawl as I can't think why I would put it on this figure. The other stickers are arrow stickers and not sure where they go. he also has an Autobot insignia with a white outline which I have put on my G1 Bumblebee as he needed stickers I don't think he needs them .
I really have no complaints about it. It is really well done and a superb figure.
when you are transforming him into car mode make sure his hands have the clips deployed as though you are going to use his welding and saw blade as it will make it a lot easier to slide his arms into the side panels of the car. This is unofficial. His fingers get in the way if you use his actual hands.
The Transformation is a little scary in parts because some parts of him are fragile. He is not as bad as the Tekara version though. I have heard of some people getting that and it broke on their first transformation. Hasbro have somewhat fixed this problem but the little tabs at the back are very thin plastic, thicker than Tekara but not thick enough. I have transformed this guy four times and there are already some stress marks. It is short sighted of Hasbro. They did not make it thick enough on the tabs. I will make this the last time that I transform him as he is a master piece.
The rest of the transformation is not too bad.
They put his engine block on a spring as when he transforms it pushes against the windscreen for robot mode.
Another improvement is that there is a panels on his legs which are on these swinging arms which slide out for car mode. On the Tekara version they where on a pin which broke very easily. Hasbro replaced this with a different pin so it pops out and can pop easily in again.
In robot mode he again looks amazing and exactly what you would expect a master piece to be. he has great articulation so you can put him in many dynamic poses.
He does have some problems as his forearm is hooked into his upper arm by a little tab and this has a habit of becoming unhooked and makes his arm floppy and broken looking.
His back has a habit of falling down with the weight of the spoiler. You have to make sure it is clipped in properly.
His feet are made of dye cast to give him stability. All master pieces have die cast in them.
Die cast is a bit of a lost art with transformers. A lot of G1 was die cast but now mostly limited to master pieces.
he looks just like he does in the cartoon.
In the Tekara version his hands and face are light grey and the red is more a pinkish red. his lower legs are black and his flame design is more stylised. they made him look more like the G! toy.
Hasbro went for the G1 cartoon look.
I prefer the colours on this version as I once saw the Tekara version in the London store Forbidden Planet.
His hands and feet in this version are silver. The lower legs are red rather than black. His flames look more like flames are and not stylised and have no black outline.
He has his two photon rifles which he holds. There are tabs on both sides of the handles and they slot onto pegs on his hands. His fingers then fold round to make him look like he is holding it.
some times his guns are a little croaked so you have to adjust.
His guns are from the original toy and you only see him use one red gun in the cartoon not the others. In the movie he did not have any guns at all but used his arm cannons.
One gun is slightly smaller and has some blue panels on the side with a longer and fatter barrel. The other one has some red panels on the side and a shorter and smaller barrel.
The target master Off shoot aka Firebolt. as a gun he looks OK. To attach him to the engine block you have to fold up the gun handle and attach it by another part. He does hold him in gun mode but not well. he can look croaked and it does not look good.
This target master did not come with the Tekara version as this is an exclusive to the Hasbro version.
The gun mode is black and silver and he does have a bit if kibble. You can see the robot mode hands.
In mine there is a problem as the clip that attaches the gun barrel to the figure came off and I had to screw it back on again but the hook will not hook back in and it is a little floppy in gun mode.
His transformation is quite complex 
I robot mode Offshoot/Firebolt is a nice representation of him. He has some nice articulation.
he is is a nice bonus to this set but I wish that Hot rod could hold him better.
I feel like Rodimus Prime is more geared up to be Hot Rod seemingly he does not come with the trailer unlike the Tekara version as you cannot do the Winnebago mode.
You can flip down his visor using some swivels on the side of his head.
You can fold up his hand to reveal a clip which you can use to hold his saw blade or his welding torch.
His saw blade is made from translucent blue plastic and the rest including the blade is silver.
This was used to fight some fish and giant squid on Quintessa.
His welding torch is completely red and he used this to repair Kup when he was damaged by the giant squid. You do not see him actually do this though so we just have to presume he had a welding torch in the movie as you don't actually see it. 
In Rodimus Prime mode it is a fairly easy transformation and you pull a new face out. Rodimuses face is longer and has more lines to make him look older.
I like to pull the hips down a but so he can gain some height.
I also bring the spoiler up to more prominence.
In Rodimus mode he has the same articulation but his photon rifles combine to make his photon eliminator rifle.
His rifle is quite big, even too big but I suppose he is a Prime now so needs a big gun.
His chest opens up and he has the Matrix of leadership which is quite small. It does remove but does not open and he can't hold it so no point removing it. There is some nice detail behind it. I wonder if it is his spark as there is a little circle thing.?
Tekara only came with the little one that goes in his chest but the Hasbro come with the big matrix which came with Master Optimus Prime and it opens. It has some nice detail on it and he can hold this..
I do display him in Hot Rod mode just because I like it better and I already have G1 Rodimus on my shelf and I don't have a Hot Rod
I really like this figure. It was the first master piece that I got. It is amazing. Such a shame it does not come with the trailer and I would highly recommend getting him. Get him if you have the means. A must have if you are a Rodimus and Hot Rod fan.